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This is the follow-on from the Soul Chat course. You will need to have completed SOUL CHAT Course before starting The 5 Attributes.


It brings you to the point of fulfilling Soul’s request – obtaining the five frequencies that allows Soul to harness the true power of creation. 


These are five guided visualisations that deeply open your mind and bring you to an incredible meeting ground where you allow Soul to experience what it has been searching for over millennia. 

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The central theme of the book, S.O.U.L Chat, focused on entering the still space of Zero Point Focus (ZPF).

From this space Soul can anchor itself to the five main frequencies that Life-Source emits as the
ascending stream.


These five are: 


  1. All-lovin

  2. All-Knowing 

  3. All time is NOW 

  4. All-powerful 

  5. Freedom from all karma and conditioning 


Included in the course are very powerful visualisations which require the mind to focus, so that Soul can access these five attributes. They are distinct sounds, and if the inner ears are open, they can be heard, but whether the mind hears them or not, there will be a response to confirm the Soul’s grasping of the ascending stream. 


These five attributes free Soul from the endless rounds of reincarnation upon Earth, and allow it to utilise STEM (Space, time, energy and matter) to bring about positive changes to the outer life that reflect its mission. The impulse to act or change certain elements of daily life occur when these attributes become part of Soul’s conscious awareness. This is an effortless transition, but the speed of change can be alarming. However, Soul’s focus will be on negating any negative and lack. 


We give food to the body, we bring balance to our emotions and quieten our minds, so this is an opportunity to give Soul what it has been looking for over millenniums – its way home.

Why not invest in your Soul’s journey today and free the most powerful aspect of yourself. 

“This remarkable course has shown me how to take full responsibility for my life. To understand that I am a conscious creator of anything and everything in my life, I’ve had to be honest with myself and face things that I’d hidden deep inside but the amazing support and tools that Life Chat has offered have been there all of the way. To finally feel I have the absolute right to joy and freedom is the biggest step ever to giving myself the love I now know I truly deserve.”

Rose, UK

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