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Mind Chat

What is Mind Chat?

The mind, when used correctly, can be a transformational tool for huge life changes. Like a sponge, the mind absorbs information. If the info is beneficial, then life reflects this. If it is detrimental, then life will always seem to be a struggle. Mind Chat understands how the mind works, and the recordings utilising both Hypnosis & Zero Point Focus, delve deeply into any limiting programs that are blocking your life.


By utilising brainwaves, tones and frequencies, Mind Chat is able to communicate directly to the deeper levels of your mind that understands this language. The result is an increase in anything positive that you want to experience such as, increasing wealth, more confidence, engaging the cells to reverse the aging process, and much more. These recordings can be used daily until the desired result becomes a part of your life.


What seemed a far off goal in your future, can now be a reality in your present with Mind Chat. Look out for new recordings that will be added throughout the year. 


The what seemed a far off goal...can be made bold.



Zero Point Focus is unlike any other program, as it is not meditation, hypnosis or subconscious training, it is designed to relax your body, yet keep the mind in an alert state and induce a subconscious 4hz brainwave. It is this that opens the door to the consciousness of Soul.

This way of working with the mind is one that is natural to your energetic levels of your Soul, and the results can be literally mind-blowing. You are at the quantum level of creative cause and not effect. It’s time to take the controls of your mind and create the life you want and to let go of what has been holding you back.

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We're currently working on Hypno Chat...

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"The choice is ours. We’ve been given everything we need to launch ourselves into an expansive, mind opening way of being. I’ve seen a complete transformation in myself as a result of truth in action. Applying these skills elevates ourselves and those around us in unseen and seen ways. Forever grateful.”

Maria, USA

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