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Your Soul Has Far More Power Than That Of Its Servant – The Mind!


The mind and its receiver, the brain, are just the tip of the iceberg of what you have within you. This life is not the first time you have visited this planet! Most of us are living our own Groundhog Day movie. If the solution was love, light and happiness, then you would have nailed this repeat circuit eons ago! The Soul is after more than this, as these are transient to the human life. It is looking for something to lift it out of the rounds of the negative. However, the negative also has its own consciousness and reasons for keeping Soul in the incarnational loop!

This is why you need to do this course.

Take the Greatest Journey of Your Life!


Our course is delivered through a range of:


Daily Videos

Day by day videos to take you through the process of Soul Chat and you can access them as often as you wish.



MP3 recordings accompany the Video's so you can experience the different aspects of your inner journey for yourself.



Each day has a PDF to refer to, so whatever your learning style is, we have you covered.

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"Soul Chat came at the most perfect time and was what my soul has been truly yearning for. The book has helped me gain a deeper understanding of who I am, why I am here and the chance to move forward. I have changed myself and my life in the most beautiful ways, but doing the courses have really shifted something in my whole being. And I know I am ready to soar now!"

Patrick, New Zealand

over the course of 15 days, you will explore:

  • What is S.O.U.L ?

  • Releasing all Tension in the Body

  • What is S.T.E.M ?

  • Creating Your Anchor

  • The First Point of Pain

  • What is ZPF ?

  • Discovering ZPF

  • Making Choices

  • Seeing the Negative as a Child

  • How to find Life Source

  • Awareness

  • Vice's & Virtues

  • Breathing

  • The Holographic Self

  • The Energetic You

  • The Orb of Soul

  • Discovering the Bands

  • De-Cording

  • The Inner Genie

  • Developing the Senses

  • Clearing the Shared Grids

  • Instant Changes to the Holographic Self

  • Manifesting with Soul

  • Health & Wealth

  • Death & How to Overcome It

The Next Step...

5 Attributes.jpg

The 5 Attributes

The next step after the Soul Chat course is to discover the five attributes. Once Soul becomes consciously aware of them, they open the door to opportunities for fulfilling Soul’s mission. Applying the five frequencies is to harness the true power of creation. 

These are five guided visualisations that deeply open your mind and bring you to an incredible meeting ground. Here, you allow Soul to experience what it has been searching for over millenniums. 

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